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Mary Thomas BA (Hons)

Managing Director

Ciara Thomas
Creative Director


There's A Gift For Everyone!

In 2005 a friend and I were sitting having a coffee in Ireland, chatting about buying gifts to take back home to our children, when I suddenly thought, wouldn’t it be great if there was a one-stop store with a varied range of pink bits for the girls, taking into account there is a ten year age gap between them.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t, but the idea stayed with me for many years and I started to take a look at my own family situation and how a pink store, supplying quality pink products and services, would benefit me from a consumer point of view.


Firstly, my daughters were absolutely crazy about the colour pink, at the time my youngest being eight, was born to be a girly girl. As with most baby girls her nursery was decorated and accessorised with pink, but as soon as she had a voice everything without exception, had to have a hint of pink, anything from toys to bedroom accessories, you name it and it had to come in her favourite colour.


My oldest daughter, who was 18, was wrapped in a pink blanket as soon as she arrived in the world, it lessened the chance of that embarrassing situation occurring,  “…he’s lovely…” of course she was beautiful, but at first it is often difficult to tell.  As a toddler, she also had a pink bedroom, but her true love of the colour developed in her teenage years when she designed her bedroom around a pink theme, including throws, cushions, soft furnishings, photo frames, candles, a fridge; the list goes on.


Lastly, without giving too much away, I also wear pink clothes and jewelry, in fact my bedroom is decorated in pink and lilac.  Not to discriminate or leave anyone out, my son is also the proud owner of pink silk ties, cufflinks and a couple of shirts. 


In one role or another I will always have to purchase pink gifts as I have reached an age where I am now a mother, daughter, aunt,  and a grandmother.


Taking all of the above into consideration I researched the market and identified the need for a one-stop e-tail gift store, which would supply quality pink gifts for women, men, children and even pets!  After speaking with a couple of friends, one of whom has two daughters with their own liking of pink and the other is an aunt and Godmother, convinced me to form ‘Pink Gift Store Ltd’.


Here, at ’Pink Gift Store’, we promise to source quality products from around the world, continually increase our product range and services whilst listening to any welcomed feedback from you, the customer.


Mary Thomas BA (Hons)

Managing Director



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